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RTI90 series
RTI90 series

Sagemcom RTI90-320T2

Freeview+ HD RTI90-320T2 recorder gives you access to over 50 TV and 24 radio channels, including high definition channels from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, giving you more choice. With a HD ready TV you can upscale your picture to 1080p what gives you clearer and sharper images. The 320 GB hard disk drive means that you never have to miss your favourite programme again! With the Twin Tuner you can watch one channel while recording another, or record two channels simultaneously whilst watching a previous recording. 

Terrestrial Demodulation

Demodulation                 DVB-T / DVB-T2

Bandwidth (MHz)          8Mhz

Frequency Range           UHF470-862

Mpeg video decoder

Decompression              MPEG-2 / MPEG-4


Teletext and subtitles        YES


Screen                    LED display on front                

User Functions

RF Input                YES

RF Outputs            YES

Scart plug              Yes x 1 / Stereo 2.0 /

                              Dolby Digital

Audio outputs         Plus

Video outputs         HDMI

HDMI                       YES

USB                         NO

Ethernet                  10/100BT

General Information

Hard Disk size                 320GB

Recording time                up to 160 hours


Included in the box

Freeview+ HD box

User manual

Quick start guide

Remote Control

1 x HDMI cable

UK Power cable

Batteries 2 x AAA


Unboxed                                  255 x 155 x 47

Weight of box product              1.53kg

Weight of unit (upacked)           0.85kg

Instructions - software update

Version SC604CC3.331

For an easy & successful manual software upgrade, please follow the steps below. If at any stage you are unsure please feel free to watch the video demonstration (a new window will open): Demonstration video

If you still have questions please feel free to contact our technical team on 08450 900 316 (local rate call) or via e-mail:

1) Check your current software version

  • Press MENU on your remote control and select TECHNICAL INFORMATION
  • Open PRODUCT DATA submenu
  • Check your software version (SW Version)

If your box use an older software version, than we recommend you perform a manual update to ensure you get the most out of your product.

2) Prepare your USB key

  • Use a USB key smaller than 4GB
  • Format your USB key in FAT32
  • Store the target file SC604CC3.331 in the root directory of a USB media storage

Learn how to format your USB key: Formatting USB to FAT32

3) Perform the manual software upgrade

  • Disconnect your set top box from the power cable
  • Connect your USB in the front panel of your box
  • Plug the power lead into the back of your box
  • The screen of the box will display "8888" for approx. 5 seconds
  • While "8888" is displayed, press the GREEN button on your remote control & than the M button (Menu)
  • The box will now upload the software displaying the progress on the screen by counting from 01-- to 04-- (this will take approx. 1-2 minutes)
  • When you reboot your unit, the new software has been uploaded.

You can check the successful upload by following step 1.

File Converter

Software version 3.3.1 has activated the ex- and import function of SD recordings to your computer so you can create space on your RTI90 hard drive.

This file will allow you to convert such exported recordings so you can also watch them on your computer (e.g with VLC Player)

  1. Please extract the software to your computer (Windows compatible)
  2. Open the file "XConevrter" and use the "browse" button to select one of the exported recordings on your computer
  3. Press "convert" and wait while the programme converts your recording. This could take a couple of minutes during which a "not responding" message might be displayed.
  4. XConverter will create a converted copy of the original file, which you can now watch on your computer.

Please be advised that the converted file cannot be re-imported to your RTI90, so make sureyou keep the original file in case you consider re-import.   

Connecting the RTI90-320 box to the TV and the aerial

  1. Plug the aerial cable into the aerial input on the back of the box.
  2. Plug the scart or HDMI cable into the back of your box.
  3. Connect the scart or HDMI cable into the back of your television.
  4. Connect the power cable into the 12V connector on the receiver and then plug into the wall socket.

Connecting to your Home Cinema Equipment

  1. Your Sagemcom Freeview+ HD recorder can be connected to your home cinema system. Use the audio connections at the rear of the box to connect.

Setting up RTI90-320 Freeview+ HD

  1. Switch on your TV
  2. Switch on your Sagemcom recorder by pressing the "On" button. The initiall installation screen will appear.
  3. Select your language with the arrow buttons on your remote. Press "OK" to continue.
  4. Select your country with the arrow keys on your remote. Press "OK" to confirm.
  5. Follow the onscreen instruction to personalise the box to your needs.

Use the up and down keys to highlight a setting, use the left and right arrows to select a value.

HDMI Output: YES / NO

TV Format: 16:9 / 4:3 / AUTO

TV Scart: RGB / CVBS

Parental Code: Set a parental control code of your choice (except 0000)

Press "OK" to start searching for new channels.

Where to buy
Data Sheet File Converter Software Update User Manual Download


If you require any assistance or have any questions about our Freeview+ HD RTI90-320T2 recorder feel free to contact us by:

Phone: 08450 900 316


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