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Freeview+ HD offers you other 50 TV channels and 24 radio stations with no monthly fees and no subscription. You can pause, rewind and record live TV and Series Link allows you to record every episode of your favourite shows. With the Twin Tuners you can even record two channels at the same time. Smart Search lets you find TV programmes by genre: movies, sport, comedy, news, kids, etc. Select and record those that you want and build your own personal recording library to watch whenever you want.

Our Freeview+ HD digital TV recorders will enhance your home entertainment experience. With smart features you can enjoy a wide choice of channels and you have access to the interactive services; yet thanks to the simple features our recorders are quick to set up and easy to use.



Get connected HD TV Media Player Recording Subscription free


What is Freeview HD?

Freeview HD is a service which provide you with all available HD channels via your TV aerial*. There are no monthly costs and subscription to this service. To take advantage of this free service you will need the following: an HD ready TV and a digital TV set top box.

Get connected

Connect to DLNA compatible devices like your PC, laptop or media server and play your digital content through your TV. You can upload and play your content via a USB stick.

 *Check your HD coverage before purchasing Freeview+ HD box** Coming soon...

Subscription free

No monthly fees, no subscription charges. Watch what you want, whenever you want.

Media Player

With built-in media player you can store, manage and play your videos, photos and music

What does Picture in Picture mean?

It is a feature which allows you to watch one programme displayed on your TV screen in full and at the same time have another programme displayed in an insert window. For example, if you wish to finish watching the end of one programme while another starts on different channel; the sound comes only from the main full screen.



Free HD TV with DLNA feature

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Free HD TV with DLNA features

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Free HD TV from Sagemcom

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Free HD TV from Sagemcom

RTI90 series
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